How To Get Your Dream Girl 101: 6 tested & trusted tips from BankyW


Step 1: Stalk, Stalk, Stalk! On Twitter, IG, EVERYWHERE

If you think stalking is not the way to go, then think again. You gats to be prepared to charm her with how much you know

Step 2: Slide into her DM and drop the funniest line you can think of

As we all know, it all goes down in the DM

Step 3: Give a catchy nickname

Susu, Bubu, Mumu….anything!

Step 4: Tell her you want to be friends … even though we know there are bigger plans

We gats to take it slow…

Step 5: Get her number and talk to her every day, even if it takes forever

Step 6: When the time is right, ask her to marry you

Thank you Sensei BankyW, you have taught us so much