Where is Buhari? Nigerians seek answers concerning the state of the President’s health

President Buhari misses workers day rally
President Buhari misses workers day rally (Image Source: AIT)

If you have been quite following the news, you must have noticed different speculations about the health of President Muhammadu Buhari over the last few weeks.

What exactly is the current health status of the President?

In a report by Naij.com they indicated that three different sources confirmed the poor state of the president’s health. However, they were countered by the Personal assistant to the President on new media, Bashir Ahmad.

Who do we believe; Naij’s sources or the Personal assistant to the president?

The PA mentioned that he had received series of calls and text messages concerning the story published on Sahara Reporters about the President finding it difficult to eat and drink due to his health status.

“They are not true,” he said, and we should keep praying that God sees the President through his recovery.

But if Bashir is praying God sees the President through his recovery, then something is obviously wrong, right?

Well, the minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed indicated indirectly that the President is not quite well, and as such, he has to work from home. You would agree with me that this is no different from a ghost worker.

Now, if the President is quite alright, why would a medical team sent by British doctors advise that he returns to the United Kingdom so they can fully attend to him?

Worsening the matter, President Buhari was absent from today’s May day rally.

As expected, this stirred up emotions and Nigeria Twitter had their say in the matter.

From those asking genuine thought-provoking questions …

… to others who just had their fun with it (typical Nigerian)

But tbh, as it is, whether President Buhari is sick or well, we can only speculate.