Twitter is roasting Buhari for missing May day rally and not addressing workers

President Buhari misses workers day rally
President Buhari misses workers day rally (Image Source: AIT)

President Buhari’s unusual – maybe not so unusual – silence has sparked social media unrest. He missed the Workers day rally yesterday, and all Nigerians want to know now is ‘#WhereIsBuhari’

President Buhari was absent at the May day rally and also did not address the nation, as it is the custom for every president to do on May 1st which is Workers day, and Nigerians are not having it.

For a long time, there has been speculation about the President’s health, from his routine medical checkup to his work-from-home style. But this time, the line seems to have been crossed.

Sahara Reporters, reported that President Buhari also missed the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting last Wednesday. But Lai Mohammed explained that there was no cause for concern, stating that “the president missed the meeting because he needed rest.”

People have begun to protest his extended absence and to probe his health status, using the hashtag #WhereIsBuhari

  • People on twitter would never take anything serious

  • It doesn’t even seem like we’ve got a president at all