Here’s what actually caused the fire at the Oba of Lagos Palace

Oba of Lagos palace on fire
Source - Punch Metro
After our post yesterday on the fire incident at Oba of Lagos palace, we finally got full details on how the fire actually started. It came in this morning from Punch Metro.
Punch Metro revealed that the fire started from an air conditioner in the palace. It was the smoke that attracted passers-by and on-lookers down to the area.
Apart from the fire services and fighters, no other person was allowed into the palace of the Oba of Lagos.
They also said the fire affected one apartment on the second floor of the palace. Properties such as furniture, clothes, household items got burnt during the fire incident.
The Palace authorities according to Punch, did not want the issue public and so nobody got access into the palace to take pictures.
The fire lasted for approximately 2 hours and was finally put out. We can now say the Ooni of Ife had no hand in the issue.

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