This dead man grabbed his brother’s hand while he was preparing him for burial

Dead man grabs brother's hands

The bible said in of Ezekiel that ‘dry bones shall rise again.’ A typical example was witnessed today at the mortuary of Plateau Specialist Hospital in Jos.

The bones of Choji Zeng was figuratively ‘brought back to life’ when he grabbed the hands of his living brother who was preparing his corpse for burial. Put yourself in his shoes, what would you have done? One hilarious situation.

The Guardian gathered that family members who participated in the washing of the corpse took to their heels while Choji Zeng still held on tightly to his younger brother Mr. Gyan Zeng.

They also gathered that the two brothers had lived together at Ungwan Juma’a Abattoir in Jos metropolis and both of them had quarreled over the land they inherited from their parents, however, Choji Zeng suffered liver disease and died after a brief illness.

Maybe he just wanted to resolve the issue he had with his brother before departing, who knows?

With the help of the mortuary attendant, the hands of Choji Zeng was finally forced off his brother Gyan Zeng.

One of the mortuary attendants testified that it was not the first time such a thing will happen in the mortuary. Are they now saying the mortuary is known for raising dry bones? Just saying!