Maiduguri under major attack by suspected Boko Haram terrorists

Map of Nigeria with Borno highlighted in red / Image via Wikipedia

Maiduguri suffered major attacks from suspected Boko Haram terrorists on Wednesday, attacks which have been described by Reuters is Boko Haram’s ‘most serious attack’ in the regional capital in a year and a half.

According to eyewitness reports, there were explosions and heavy gunfire which lasted for at least 45 minutes. Reuters confirmed the attacks were in the southeastern and southwestern outskirts of the city.

Hundreds of citizens have fled the city.

The Nigerian military, in an attempt to calm the city’s inhabitants, said it has situation under control.

“The situation in Maiduguri is under control,” it said in a statement.

Fighter jets roared overhead as soldiers and police sped toward the scene, a Reuters witnesses said.

Three children were reportedly hit by bullets.

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