There has been another suicide bombing at the University of Maiduguri

Another suicide bombing at the university of maiduguri

When we thought things couldn’t get any worse in Borno — particularly, University of Maiduguri, we were proven wrong again.

Less that two days after three suicide bombers attacked the University of Maiduguri, there was another suicide bombing at the same university today.

According to reports, the suicide bomber detonated his bombs outside the perimeter fencing of the school.

Luckily nobody, except the suicide bomber, was harmed.

Borno State police commissioner, Damian Chukwu, confirmed the bombing. He said it happened around 10 a.m.

Map of Nigeria with Borno highlighted in red
Map of Nigeria with Borno highlighted in red / Image via Wikipedia

The police said, “the bomber hid near the university’s Children Secondary School, and detonated the bomb, killing himself, when he sighted a security man coming in his direction.”

This is the third of such attack at the University of Maiduguri in less than one week.

The frequency of these bombing has thrown both students and staff at the university into panic and has left the rest of the Nigeria wondering if the government has even taken any serious security measures to prevent such ugly recurrence.

There are even speculations that the recent rise in bombing across the country is as a result of the swap of five captured Boko Haram terrorist for 82 Chibok girls between the federal government and Boko Haram earlier this month.

This hypothesis was sort of substantiated when, last week, one of the five Boko Haram commanders swapped for the 82 Chibok Schoolgirls threatened in a new video to overwhelm the country with more bomb attacks.

According to Premium Times, the reason why the university has been prone to attack is because the university campus is only partly fenced. There is brick perimeter fence on the front side of the university, but no major barrier at the back of the University, allowing insurgents easy access into the campus.