This man was arrested by the Police for hijacking Uber Taxi in Lagos

Uber Taxi hijacker
Source: Premum Times

The Lagos state police rendered the effort of these Uber taxi hijackers useless as one of them was arrested while two others escaped.

Officials of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command gave this statement on Sunday. They also stated that the incident happened at Oshodi just after midnight on Friday.

According to Premium Times, one of the suspect, whose name was Emmanuel Ugbomah, 37 years old from Ndokwa, Delta State, got apprehended while trying to snatch an Uber taxi from one Adebisi at Oshodi-Oke in Lagos.

They boarded Adebisi’s Uber Taxi in Lekki and told him they were going to Oshodi. Adebisi charged them N4,000 and they were on their way.

Getting to Ikoyi, they told the driver that they wanted to pick a lady friend at Dolphin. According to Adebisi, Two of them came down from the vehicle and some minutes later, they were back, saying that the female friend was not going to join them and that he should keep driving to Oshodi-Oke.

‘When I was about to climb the Oshodi-Oke Bridge, one of them grabbed me from the back seat, andother closed my mouth with his hand and pointed a gun-like object at my head that I should come down and come to the back seat’

He said immediately he removed his seat belt and came out of the car, he spotted some RRS policemen at the front. He screamed ‘robbers’ and ran towards them.

The officials being alert swung into action after Adebisi explanied his situation to them and caught one of the Uber taxi hijackers while two other escaped.

Adebisi claimed his Tecno phone and N80,000 went missing after the whole scenerio.

After Adebisi identified the Uber taxi hijacker, Mr. Ugbomah as one of the suspects, he still denied, saying he was just an automobile mechanic and was on his way from Lekki to Oshodi after he had gone to fix a broken down vehicle for a customer.

The police said they recovered charms, a master key and a pistol-shaped device from Mr. Ugbomah.

After investigations, they confirmed that the uber taxi hijacker had not been to his workshop since mid-March, 2017. Meanwhile, he has been transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja for further investigations.