This woman fainted after accidentally breaking a $44,000 bracelet while trying it on at a jewellery shop in China

woman faints after breaking jade bracelet

An unidentified woman who was trying on a 300,000 yuan ($44,000) Jade bracelet in a market in China Tuesday fainted after she accidentally broke it.

The tourist from eastern Jiangxi was trying on the bracelet in a market in Ruili, southern western China, where most of the Jade of China is from, according to the BBC.

As soon as the shopkeeper informed her that the bracelet cost 300,000 yuan, she quickly tried to take it off.

However, in her hurry to take off the bracelet, the woman dropped the ornamental green rock bracelet and it broke into two after hitting the floor.

The Jade bracelet. Chinese people see Jade gemstones as representing good health and long life Source:

She immediately went into panic attack, according to state report. She went pale, started sweating and soon passed out into the arms of fellow customers who were trying to calm her.


Medical workers soon arrived and brought the woman to the hospital where they found that there was nothing physically wrong with her.


According to the BBC, the shopkeeper told the woman she could pay $25,000 to resolve the matter, but she said she could only afford $1,500.

Police were unable to persuade the parties to reach an agreement and the matter may need to go to court.