Android Oreo On Pixel Hands-On Review

About 48 hours ago, we posted about Nexus and Pixel devices getting updates already! While we were still caught up in the excitement over the latest dessert from Google, a colleague over at TechcityNG had gotten a taste of Oreo already, and has given us a quick hands-on review of the new Android Version!

“Statistics have shown that about how less than 1.2% of Android phone users are using the then latest Android 7.1. Despite the low number, a new Android OS (v8.0) was announced on Monday. As expected every new release update has implications on both the User experience (usually interface related and battery life duration) and developer experience (such as new security policies, API and developer app performance). While we are not ignorant of the background, ‘invisible’ improvements like faster boot times (measured on Google’s Pixel), extended battery life (via the minimization of phone apps background activity – one of the major battery loss culprit) etc This post focuses on what the average (visible) user experience is like.

In my more than two weeks of using the new OS, two things continually stand out for me; one, the picture-in-picture mode and the new notification dots display.

N.B – I blurred out some of the screenshots from my phone with white colour

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode and others

Multitasking on steroids

According to the Android Developer site,

PiP is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback.

Now, with the latest version of Android OS (Oreo/8.0) you can be making a call and still be doing other things, the dialer (call icon) will just shrink to a small circle on whatever screen you are working on at that time.

In the example below, I made a call to my friend then I went to the home screen. Look at the display abilities:

PiP mode with an ongoing call (w/out )


PiP w/ Calls allowing quick options by long pressing the dialer icon
PiP w/ calls (after it ends)


Even with Notifications alone, a lot of things have changed. But as I mentioned earlier the notification dots – show when you have a new message.

For example, the notification dot below shows I have a new WhatsApp message

Android 8 – notification dot showing on WhatsApp

Apart from those really visible things. Other changes include (60) new emojis as well as redesigned ones; even though I don’t like how they look.

Android 8 emoji’s

Also, long pressing an app icon grants you quick access to the apps basic functionality, app info –  alongside a display of the notification (if any)

Android 8 quick access

Find out more about the latest changes Android made to their version 8 which is called Oreo, here“.


In summary, it feels really good to see these amazing features on bloatware-free stock android! From “Pip” to the new emojis, for better expressions in messaging and then down to “Quick Access”. Fun part is that this software is open source and companies that own Cyanogen, Touchwiz, Emotion Ui, MiUi and the rest of them are hard at work building on it and probably adding unprecedented tweaks to their end results. I trust that we can’t wait to get a feel of Oreo, but if you don’t own a Pixel or Nexus smartphone, you will have to get patient.