A close look at the mysterious new Google ‘Fuchsia’ OS

google fuchsia
Google Fuchsia / Ars Technica

Yes, Google Fuchsia!

Have you ever thought of another operating system taking the place of Android? I mean, Android runs on billions of devices! Is it even possible?

Well, there just might be one and the takeover is closer than we thought. Google is developing a new operating system called Fuchsia which is their third operating system after Android and Chrome OS.

With Fuchsia, Google is breaking away from Linux and Java at once.

There is speculation that Google is doing away with java due to their lawsuit with Oracle (sounds like a good reason to me).

The Fuchsia OS is written mostly in dart programming language (developed by Google of course).

It uses its own microkernel called Magenta. It also has its own user interface called Armadillo.

The Fuchsia OS is open source so it is possible to download the source and compile it into an Android APK which would run on an Android device. However, it doesn’t work yet. You would only interact with placeholders.

With Fuchsia, Google would focus on Virtual reality and high performance which is why the OS is written in ‘dart.’

Virtual reality is the future and with Google in the VR game, the future just got brighter!


(Article by Samuel Okike and Funsho Oyenuga)