Google Is Launching Their New OS Version Same Time With The Solar Eclipse 

The guys that be at NASA (US’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency) predicted that their continent will experience a complete solar eclipse on Monday, 21st of August. And that is the same day Google has decided to unveil their latest Android OS version!

What does an Eclipse and the new version of the OS have in common? They are both round in physical appearance 😀😀 and coming out on the same day and time.

First of all, rumor has it that the next Android OS (version 8.0) which is a follow-up to Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat is most likely to be named Oreo. Android Oreo is not yet the approved official name but what is confirmed is that, the latest Android O is touching down to Earth same timing with the total Solar Eclipse in the US.

The Solar Eclipse which will be the first since 1918 will sweep across the entire US States, and a countdown timer has been added to the Android O landing page. The countdown timer is set at August 21st at 2:40 PM ET and will be broadcast via a live-streamed event from New York City.

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Expected features of Android Oreo 

The latest Android version will launch with some cool features and performance improvements as usual. Here are some of the features of the new OS and what they are about:

Notification Channels: It’s a powerful way to control what an app can push to your notification shade. Not making any changes will cause all of an app’s notifications to show up. However, you can turn different elements of notifications on or off. Also, You can snooze notifications and have them appear at a later time so you can focus on the task at hand without forgetting whatever you’re getting notified about.

Android Go: Its Google’s new Android fork, design particularly for low-end device users. Its feature is for smoother performance and lower data usage. Android Go is a lighter version of Android Oreo with several optimizations to the kernel and Android’s native apps. It’ll be the default OS for devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

New Emoji: More, richer and quasi-circular Emoji will be added to the new OS. A full list of the new Emoji can be found on Emojipedia.

Machine Learning Copy and Paste: Copying and pasting on an Android’s device can be daunting at times. Coming with the new OS is an A.I with capabilities of machine learning. That is, the new OS will be smart enough to recognize exactly what you might want to copy and paste with just a touch. Also, you can be able to modify your copy selection if need be.

Auto-fill Within Apps: Auto-fill is not new on the web as we do have our forms auto-fill with the right data. Although, what is new is having an auto-fill enabled on Android’s app using its new auto-fill framework. And users can be able to set specific apps to manage how forms are filled.

Bluetooth 5 Support: Android Oreo brings full support for the Bluetooth 5.0 spec. You should also keep in mind that, this is just on the software end, and both your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled device will need the proper hardware for Bluetooth 5 to work. And having met the pre-requisites, your transfer speed can be twice as fast and four times the range of its predecessor.

Automatically Turn On Wi-Fi On Trusted Locations: The Android O also has a new feature to automatically turn Wi-Fi on once you get to a trusted location like your home or office. This feature can be set to On or Off depending on the user wish.

Personal Conclusion

The new Android’s OS which is expected to be named Oreo; most noteworthy, following Google’s alphabetical naming convention. And as usual, is also a food dessert. The Android O is just some few hours away from launching with some new appealing features and the timer is set with the same timing as the Eclipse count down. It going to be a remarkable and an unforgettable time. This is bringing a default excitement to the millions of Android fans and developers on the planet!