LG’s Smartphone Business Has A Bleak Future – Analysts

A couple of analysts came together and have said what some of us must have thought at one point in 2017 (Or even 2016) and it’s with LG’s smartphone business.

According to them, LG’s smartphone business has a bleak future, the reason being that LG has not been able to capture the market’s interest so it didn’t perform well in sales, which is evident as a result of the unpopularity of their middle end and low end smart devices in major markets including Africa. To put that into perspective, LG’s smartphone business posted a loss for seven straight quarters, it also posted an operating loss of $117 million in Q2 2017.

If you out there are a core LG mobile fan like me, this could be disturbing to know!LG was looking up to the G6 to save the day. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen! Hopefully, the LG V30 and next range of devices could turn things around for the brand.